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no committment in tutoring with hack your course in usa and canada
ib tutoring and ap tutoring service in canada and usa with hack your course
no committment in tutoring with hack your course in usa and canada
ib tutoring and ap tutoring service in canada and usa with hack your course
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Police-checked tutors!
tutoring ap and ib in hack your course credentials required
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We had a good experience with this Tutoring Service company. With the help of the teacher my son's math had a noticeable improvement.thank you
I think this teacher was very good at explaining different concepts and allowing for familiarization through a lot of practice with a large array of questions, and it helped me tons in preparing for tests. I would recommend these sessions for anyone who wants to get ahead or review math topics.
Great tutors for every subject! They are flexible and are motivated to make sure you understand the material
My son received a great deal of help from Jon in Economics! We have tried other places, but Jon shown to be a teacher with good skills to motivate my son, as well as inspire him to study for his Econ IB exam. I am very happy with the progress my son has made!


My tutoring from Peter has helped me in my understanding and performance on tests a great deal. As concepts become more and more complex, more help is needed and his tutoring excels at filling in the gaps that are left in my knowledge, as well as helping me with general exam taking skills. Peter is an amazing tutor, and my chemistry understanding would be far far worse without him.
I am more than happy to write a review for Peter helping me with IB Chemistry HL !His knowledge of the subject is truly remarkable, and he is able to convey complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. He is helping me to improve my grades in HL Chemistry and I hope to get improved grades in my IB final exam. His teaching style is interactive and engaging and he uses a variety of techniques to explain various concepts. Overall, I would highly recommend Peter for IB Chemistry HL to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, dedicated, and engaging tutor.I am delighted also to write a glowing review for my IB Biology tutor Sophia. Her expertise in the subject is exceptional and she has a thorough understanding of the curriculum. She is patient, supportive and always willing to provide extra help when needed. Thanks to Sophia's guidance, my understanding and performance in Biology have improved significantly helping me get very good predictive marks in IB Biology HL.
I have had an amazing experience with HYC. I'm an IB student and my tutors have definitely helped my improve in my courses. Specifically, in Biology, my tutor does past exams and we go over how to answer a question to get full marks on it. I am really glad I found HYC.
The math tutor for IB Math was excellent. Very organized and experienced. Explanations were clear and the tutor provided opportunities to practice the concepts. The virtual interface was seemless. The sessions were easy to set up. Highly recommend.
I highly recommend the Hack Your Course AP & IB Tutoring Service. They are super professional and very responsive. They have a great network of tutors and take great interest and care in matching tutors to specific challenges within different study fields, levels and concepts. The reporting, oversight and feedback back to parents is superb too.
I have been very pleased with Hack Your Course Tutoring. They were recommended to me and our experience has been very good. The company is professional and my teenager both likes the tutor and seems to be learning. He complains that he has to go, but always has a smile of his face and is glad he went when I pick him up. He is developing confidence in Math through the tutoring.



Experience our high-quality AP tutoring with confidence. We respect your choice and only charge after delivering the service you deserve - no upfront fees or long-term contracts! We do not keep your money hostage! We do not have long-term contracts either!

thumbs up for Hack your course for online & in-home AP & IB Tutoring Service in The USA and Canada

Experience elite AP tutoring with our handpicked tutors, selected through a rigorous process. Our certified teachers, first-class university students, and highly educated experts deliver results via our advanced online platform. With HYC's strict quality control system, only the best tutors thrive and ensure your success!

TUTOR SUPPORT IN HACK YOUR COURSE Online tutoring service in Vancouver & Toronto & Seattle for Math & Physics tutoring service

Our AP tutors earn top rates, are highly respected, and form a valued part of our successful team. At HYC, we take care of each other, fostering a supportive environment that enables us to deliver exceptional tutoring quality.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE HEART SHAPE IB math tutoring and AP Calculus tutoring service in Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto

If, for any reason, you are NOT satisfied with your first online AP tutoring session, you will not need to pay. As stated above, we have confidence in the quality of our work, and we respect your choice.


  • AP Calculus (AB/BC) TUTORING
  • AP English, AP French & AP Spanish Tutoring
  • AP Chemistry Tutoring
  • AP Physics (1,2,c) Tutoring
  • AP Biology Tutoring
  • ap research and seminar

Frenquently Asked Questions:

Hack Your Course is not just any tutoring service. Here’s why:

Tutor Quality: Only 2% of tutor applicants are accepted into Hack Your Course. Our standards are high, ensuring that only the most dedicated and top-quality tutors are on our team. In fact, many of our tutors have been with us for years!

Payment System: Unlike other services, we do not charge in advance. Our philosophy is based on trust and respect for our clients. We won’t lock you into a long-term contract; you’re free to choose what’s best for you.

Reviews Speak for Themselves:

“Thank you Hack Your Course and thank you Masoud and Parsa” – Google Review for Hack Your Course Tutoring Service.

“High-quality work and brilliant tutors” – Google Review for Hack Your Course in Greater Vancouver.

Experience and Presence: Established over seven years ago, we’re among the fastest-growing premium tutoring institutes. We were one of the first to actively engage in online tutoring in Vancouver, Toronto, and Seattle.

Supporting our Tutors: Our tutors are paid competitively in Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, and California. They’re not just independent contractors; they’re an integral part of our team.

Quick Action: After you contact us, we act swiftly to find the best tutoring match based on our intimate knowledge of our tutors’ capabilities.

Specialization in IB and AP: We pride ourselves on being the only dedicated IB and AP tutoring company in Greater Vancouver, Toronto, and Seattle. Schools like Mulgrave, Churchill, and The York School trust us, a testament to our expertise in these programs.

Focused Expertise: Unlike broader tutoring companies, our sole concentration on IB and AP ensures that our understanding remains unparalleled. We’re committed to offering an unmatched learning experience that equips students with the competitive edge they need.

Getting a tutor for AP courses largely depends on individual circumstances, learning preferences, and the specific challenges encountered in the course material. It’s certainly possible for students to succeed through self-study, given that they have a high level of determination, excellent time management skills, and the ability to self-motivate. Self-study allows for flexible scheduling and pacing according to one’s convenience.

However, many students find substantial benefits in working with an “AP tutor.” Here we break the scenarios where seeking a tutor’s guidance can be especially beneficial:

1. Supplemental Help: If you are already performing reasonably well in your AP classes but aim to enhance your understanding and secure a top score in your AP exams, a tutor can provide supplementary help to strengthen your grasp on the subjects. Engaging with an AP tutor can give you a deeper understanding and help hone skills that can be instrumental in achieving a higher score.

2. Struggling in Class: If you struggle to keep up with the pace of your class or find the material challenging to understand, working with a tutor can be a game-changer. Tutors can offer personalized assistance, breaking down complex concepts into more straightforward, understandable segments. For instance, an “AP chemistry tutor” can help demystify complex chemical reactions and formulas, offering one-on-one guidance to bolster your understanding. Learning a concept on your own may take hours, but with a knowledgeable tutor, you can resolve it much faster.

3. Independent AP Exam Preparation: If you aim to prepare independently for the AP exams in May, we won’t sugarcoat it – it is a challenging task. The AP syllabus is dense and requires a structured approach to cover adequately. In such a scenario, teaming up with Hack Your Course can provide a structured pathway to your preparation. Our AP tutoring services are designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the course material, and our tutors, who are well-versed with the AP exam patterns, can provide tips and strategies to excel in the exams.

4. Financial Circumstances: Your budget can be a deciding factor in whether or not to seek out tutoring for AP courses. Some students prefer to self-study using free materials, including those available on our HYC Free AP Resources page, to keep costs down. Another economical option is hiring affordable independent tutors found on platforms like Craigslist or Facebook, albeit with a higher risk and potentially requiring a trial-and-error approach. On the other hand, if your budget permits, consider a premium service like HYC. This option allows you to rely on a single, trusted entity for all your tutoring needs, offering peace of mind and quality assurance. All our tutors are thoroughly vetted for academic proficiency and have cleared criminal background checks, ensuring a high standard of safety and educational guidance.

While self-study is a viable option, having a tutor can offer structured, focused, and personalized assistance, facilitating a smoother pathway to achieving your AP course objectives.

We offer a wide range of AP tutoring services to cater to the diverse needs of students. Our services include dedicated tutors for subjects such as AP chemistry, AP calculus (AB/BC), AP physics (1/2/C), and more. We also have a specialized language department to offer English, French, and Spanish tutoring. However, we currently do not provide tutoring services for AP programming courses because of low demand. We continually strive to expand our offerings based on student demands and trends in the education sector to provide comprehensive support for AP students.

The Advanced Placement (AP) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme are rigorous academic programs that prepare high school students for post-secondary education. They offer college-level material, enabling students to earn college credits before graduation.

The AP program, overseen by the College Board, has a substantial presence in the U.S., with over 22,800 high schools offering AP classes in 2021, a rise of over 4,000 from 2012. In contrast, the IB program is available in more than 900 U.S. high schools. Still, it boasts a more substantial global footprint, offered at over 5,700 schools in 159 countries, making it a preferred choice for students aspiring to study abroad.

Here are the main differences between the Advanced Placement (AP) program and the International Baccalaureate (IB) program:

AP (Advanced Placement)

  • Focus and Flexibility: Allows students to take college-level courses in specific subjects of their choice. AP offers 39 courses, and students can opt to take as many or as few as they desire.
  • Structure: Offers standalone courses; students can take just one or several AP courses alongside their regular high school curriculum.
  • Assessment: Students are assessed mainly through a final exam at the end of the course; courses are graded on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • Recognition: Widely recognized in the U.S. and increasingly accepted in universities globally.
  • Curriculum: Developed and administered by the College Board, a U.S.-based organization.

IB (International Baccalaureate)

  • Focus: A comprehensive program aimed at developing well-rounded students with a global perspective.
  • Structure: Offered as a cohesive program (IB Diploma Program) that includes six subject groups, a theory of knowledge course, an extended essay, and a creativity, activity, service (CAS) project. You can also take it as a certificate. Although obtaining a certificate in a school that offers the IB Diploma Program without a solid reason to support your decision is often frowned upon by college admission officers.
  • Assessment: Students are assessed through internal assessments (IAs) and final exams; the full diploma is graded on a scale of 24 to 45 points.
  • Recognition: Recognized globally by many universities as a rigorous pre-university qualification.
  • Philosophy: Encourages critical thinking, research skills, and community service alongside academic study.
  • Curriculum: Overseen by the International Baccalaureate Organization, a Switzerland-based non-profit educational foundation.

Schools might offer individual IB courses (similar to AP courses) in a less structured approach than the full IB Diploma Program, known as IB Certificate courses. This option offers more flexibility but lacks the integrated, holistic approach of the full IB Diploma Program.

Absolutely, AP courses are generally challenging due to their advanced and rigorous curriculum designed to offer college-level content to high school students. Whether or not they are worth the challenge is a subject of considerable debate, and this can depend largely on individual circumstances and the specific context of the school and teachers involved.

The benefits of AP courses are not black and white. While students who take AP courses are generally more likely to succeed in college, establishing direct causation is challenging because these students might already be coming from better educational backgrounds, be more motivated, or have better teachers. Moreover, it is essential to consider the potentially stressful nature of these courses due to their demanding curriculum.

In some schools, AP courses can foster a kind of educational disparity, segregating high-achieving students and allocating more experienced teachers to AP classes, which can be smaller in size, potentially creating a divided learning environment. This approach can sometimes lead to an enriched learning environment but can also create a resource gap between different groups of students.

Furthermore, while AP courses can level the educational playing field, especially in underprivileged areas, by providing a standardized curriculum and rigor, realizing this potential is far from guaranteed. The effectiveness of AP programs in this regard can significantly vary depending on whether schools have well-trained teachers to deliver the AP curriculum effectively and whether they integrate the AP program within a comprehensive school improvement plan.

Moreover, for students themselves, AP courses can be a double-edged sword. While they can offer a rewarding experience for students who have a genuine interest in the subject and are well-prepared for the rigors of AP coursework, they can also be potentially harmful to those pushed into them without adequate preparation or interest, setting them up for stress and potential failure.

Furthermore, not all colleges accept AP courses for college credit, and students often retake the course in college. The focus on preparing for AP exams can sometimes lead to a superficial engagement with the subject matter, emphasizing memorization over a deeper exploration and understanding of the content.

Therefore, while AP courses are undeniably challenging, offering a rigorous and advanced curriculum, whether they are worth the effort can depend on various factors, including the specific context of the school, the preparation and support available to the students, and the students’ interests and capabilities. It is advised that students and parents consider all these aspects carefully while deciding on enrolling in AP courses, potentially consulting with educational advisors to make the best decision. It’s crucial to approach them with a complete understanding of the demands and potential benefits and drawbacks involved to make an informed choice that is in the best interest of the individual student.

At Hack Your Course, we’ve managed to strike a unique balance. While our prices are competitive and in line with non-premium tutoring companies, our service quality is undoubtedly premium. Here’s why:

Investment in Quality: Our resources are top-notch. We invest in the best books, software, and additional materials to ensure our tutors and students have the best tools, naturally enhancing the educational experience.

Fair Compensation: Despite our competitive pricing, we ensure that our tutors are compensated at rates similar to those of premium tutoring companies. This attracts the best talent and retains them, ensuring continuity and quality in our offerings.

Education-Centric: Unlike many other companies, our focus isn’t purely business. We are genuinely invested in education. Every decision, including our pricing strategy, is with the student’s best interest at heart. By keeping our prices accessible, we can extend our premium services to a broader range of students.

Remember, with Hack Your Course, you’re not just paying for tutoring; you’re investing in a quality education experience.

Yes, you absolutely can. At “Hack Your Course,” we prioritize your satisfaction and understand that a good match between a tutor and a student is crucial for learning. If at any point you feel the need to change your tutor, we facilitate a swift changeover based on your feedback — which we value immensely as it helps us to grow and improve continuously. Moreover, we offer a first-session satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied after the first session and provide us with your feedback, you will not be required to pay for that session. Our primary goal is to ensure that you have a positive and productive learning experience with us, and we are always ready to take the necessary steps to achieve that.
While we strive to provide the best tutoring service possible — pairing students with the right tutors and supplying all necessary materials for success — we do not offer guarantees for improved performance in AP courses. The outcome depends on many factors, including the student’s inherent abilities, the amount of hard work they put in, and how well they follow the tutor’s guidance and instructions. That said, our team is dedicated to doing everything within our capacity to foster improvement and enhance the student’s understanding of the subject matter. We have a track record of success, as reflected in our reviews, where clients appreciate our diligent efforts to provide quality education. It’s important to note that while some companies may offer guarantees, these often come with stringent conditions that can essentially nullify the guarantee. We believe in setting realistic expectations and working hand in hand with students to strive for the best possible results.

Scheduling tutoring sessions is a collaborative process carried out directly between our tutors and the clients, allowing for a personalized and flexible approach to scheduling. While we stand by to assist in any conflicts or issues, tutors and clients can successfully arrange suitable times without intervention.

It’s important to note that while our tutors often exhibit a high level of flexibility, finding convenient times can become more challenging, especially close to exam periods when tutors have a full schedule. That’s why we encourage clients to schedule sessions well in advance to secure preferred time slots.

We operate with a 24-hour cancellation and rescheduling policy, meaning any changes to the agreed-upon schedule should be made more than 24 hours before the session. This policy helps maintain a smooth operational flow, respecting both the tutor’s and the client’s time.

Despite the busy schedules, our tutors always strive to accommodate clients as much as possible, understanding that their commitment and flexibility are valued and contribute to a productive tutoring relationship.

I’ve added paragraph breaks and made the sections about scheduling flexibility and the cancellation policy bold for emphasis.
At Hack Your Course (HYC), we prioritize maintaining a high standard of tutoring by ensuring our tutors are adequately compensated for their expertise and dedication. Given our low margin and the high payment rates to our tutors, we generally do not offer discounts unless under exceptional circumstances. Moreover, we have chosen not to offer packaged deals, as they often entail advanced payments, something we avoid in our business model. We believe firmly in fostering trust with our clients by not holding onto their money in advance; we don’t believe in keeping our clients’ money “hostage.” We favor a pay-as-you-go system that allows clients the freedom to continue with our services based on satisfaction without any financial pressure stemming from pre-paid packages. This system also simplifies the process of returning fees in the event a client chooses not to continue with our services. Our approach ensures that you are paying only for the services you receive, without any complicated prepayment structures or commitments. It is part of our commitment to straightforward, client-friendly operations that prioritize the needs and preferences of the students we serve.
Yes, we offer both online and in-person tutoring for AP subjects, but with a stronger emphasis on online tutoring, especially post the COVID-19 pandemic and for grades 10/11/12. Our transition to predominantly online tutoring has seen numerous benefits, enhancing the learning experience through various avenues.

At Hack Your Course (HYC), we treat feedback and complaints with the utmost seriousness and regard them as valuable avenues for growth and improvement. Here’s our approach:

1. Prompt Resolution: Our priority is to address and resolve the concern as swiftly as possible to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

2. Open Communication: We initiate a dialogue with the tutor and the client to understand the situation comprehensively. This balanced communication helps us identify areas for improvement and ensures that both parties feel heard and respected.

3. Continuous Improvement: Since our inception in 2015, we have continually refined our feedback and complaint process, leveraging the insights we gain from every experience to elevate our services. This iterative process has allowed us to perfect our approach over the years.

4. Fairness and Respect: We uphold the principles of fairness and respect in all our interactions. While we pride ourselves on the rigorous vetting our tutors undergo, we also respect and value our clients’ feedback. Every feedback is an opportunity for us to strengthen our commitment to excellence.

In essence, we view feedback not just as a mechanism for resolution but as a cornerstone for growth, helping us better serve our community and consistently enhancing our offerings’ quality.

At Hack Your Course, our commitment to quality doesn’t end once we’ve selected our tutors; it’s an ongoing endeavor. Even though monitoring the quality of online tutoring can pose challenges due to privacy considerations and avoiding unnecessary intrusions, we have developed robust methods to ensure excellence. Here’s how:

1. Rigorous Selection: We begin by meticulously vetting our tutors to ensure they are highly qualified for their teaching subjects.

2. Regular Reporting: After each session, our tutors submit detailed reports. These aren’t just routine summaries – they particularly emphasize areas of concern. We review these reports diligently, using them as tools to assess the effectiveness of our tutoring methods and make necessary adjustments.

3. Open Communication: We maintain consistent communication with our tutors, discussing their feedback and ensuring they have everything they need to provide top-tier instruction. Our open dialogue with clients also allows us to gather direct feedback about their experiences, further guiding our quality assurance process.

4. Long-Term Client Relationships: The trust and satisfaction of our clients speak volumes. Many have chosen to stay with us for over seven years, beginning with one child and then continuing with siblings. Such long-term relationships are a testament to the consistent quality of our services.

5. Adapting Premium In-Person Standards to Online: We don’t compromise on quality because our tutoring is online. We apply the rigorous standards expected of premium in-person tutoring companies to our online platform, ensuring our clients receive nothing but the best.

Our multi-faceted approach, grounded in feedback and continuous improvement, enables us to deliver exceptional AP tutoring services consistently.


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