review for hack your course online and in-home ap and IB math tutoring and english tutoring service
My son received a great deal of help from Jon in Economics! We have tried other places, but Jon shown to be a teacher with good skills to motivate my son, as well as inspire him to study for his Econ IB exam. I am very happy with the progress my son has made!
I have Sophia as a biology tutor and she is very helpful with teaching new concepts and reviewing old ones in easily understandable ways. The format she uses to teach with the diagrams makes it easier to learn and has helped me remember concepts more long-term. Overall, I am happy with Sophia and hack your course.
Great services. Awesome tutors. reasonable prices.
As a parent of a high school and college student, finding the right tutoring service can be a daunting task. However, our experience with Hack Your Course AP & IB Education has been nothing short of exceptional. My son, Arshia, has been receiving tutoring for various subjects, including Calculus, English, and Chemistry, at both high school and college levels.What stands out about Hack Your Course is their personalized approach to tutoring. Their tutors in Seattle have provided Arshia with individualized attention, adapting their teaching methods to suit his learning style. This bespoke approach has been instrumental in Arshia's academic development, particularly in challenging subjects like Calculus and English Literature.The professionalism and expertise of their tutors are evident in the quality of teaching. Arshia's grades have significantly improved, and more importantly, his understanding and interest in the subjects have grown exponentially. The flexible scheduling and responsive customer service have also made our experience with Hack Your Course incredibly smooth and stress-free.I strongly recommend Hack Your Course to any parent looking for top-notch tutoring services in the United States. Their commitment to student success, coupled with their expertise in AP and IB courses, makes them a leading choice for academic tutoring.
My Daughter has been using the Platform to attend Maths and Chemistry IB Classes for Grade 11 for last one year and has been very satisfied. She has found the quality of Tutors to be on the same level as her IB School Teachers.The thing she found really attractive was that the tutors already knew the syllabus and the topics to cover for the grade level .On a personal level I had the pleasure to deal with Mr. Masoud (General Manager of the Company) and was pleasantly surprised by his willingness to listen and advise and guide.All in all Highly recommended for competitive IB Tutoring.
HYC was immediately responsive, finding a great match for my daughter, who was HIGHLY resistant to getting much-needed support. The tutor was easygoing, super-helpful, and suddenly made IB math feel like something she had a handle on. Well worth it!
I have been working with Masoud and HYC for many years and the service and quality of the tutors has been excellent. I have recommended their services to a number of friends and would continue to do so.
Hack Your Course has been a great help to me throughout my middle and high school test prep. The lessons are both comfortable and paced according to the student, so it is both enabling and productive, and the learning I have done here with the patient and kind tutors is really unmatched. My SSAT scores were improved by almost 10 percentile in a short period of time, and I am currently working on studying for the SAT with my tutors. Would recommend to anyone looking for IB, AP, or SAT tutors.
I would highly recommend this place if you are looking for a AP or IB tutor. The manager is professional. He takes his time to explain. They have very experienced AP tutors to help you do well in exams.
In our time of pressing need, Hack Your Course came through for us. My son, Khayali, is currently in his final year of the IB program. Last year, during his 11th grade, he grappled with the challenges of IB Math. With exams looming and the pressure mounting, we reached out to this institute for guidance. Without delay, they paired Khayali with a tutor who wasn’t just highly qualified, but also patient and knowledgeable. Thanks to their timely intervention and top-notch teaching, Khayali secured an impressive score of 6 in his exam. Now, he not only continues his IB Math lessons with them but has also ventured into AP Physics and Chemistry tutoring. I'd like to extend special thanks to Masoud for fostering such a culture of dedication and work ethic. In our experience, Hack Your Course is distinctively client-centric. They genuinely care, and it shows. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any parent seeking academic support for their child.
Our family is very happy with the Chemistry tutoring we've had since January of 2023. We in fact recommended our tutor to another IB student who is a friend of my son. Additionally we are looking at adding a math tutoring session. Highly recommend this service if you want less stress in your household and results. We both have PhD's in science but find the dynamic can be much better to have a third party help with one or more subjects.
We had an amazing experience, teachers are very competent and genuinely interested in the success of the student!
Our daughter’s confidence and grades have improved considerably since she has been working with her tutor. Amy has made a real connection with our daughter, understanding her strengths and weaknesses and targeting the lessons accordingly. We feel very fortunate to have found Amy through HYC!
My daughter has had an excellent experience working with Zara on IB Math. The tutoring has helped make her studying much more efficient and productive. I highly recommend this service!
Hack Your Course provides impeccable service! Having Sophia Rinker as my IB Biology tutor has helped me immensely! Her expertise and clear explanations allowed me to easily understand and apply the knowledge rather than simply memorizing it. We also did practice papers that have strengthen my analysis skills. In regard to my IA, Sophia offered many helpful suggestions!She genuinely makes me engaged in the material with her friendly and professional disposition every session! With her teaching and guidance, my grades rose tremendously, something that my teacher remarked often as well. I cannot convey with words how grateful I am to Sophia Rinker and to Hack Your Course. I absolutely recommend this outstanding company to other students and parents!
My tutoring from Peter has helped me in my understanding and performance on tests a great deal. As concepts become more and more complex, more help is needed and his tutoring excels at filling in the gaps that are left in my knowledge, as well as helping me with general exam taking skills. Peter is an amazing tutor, and my chemistry understanding would be far far worse without him.
I had Peter Legzdins as a Chemistry tutor, he is very patient and thought through when explaining unfamiliar concepts, and provides great analogies. He takes a intuitive approach to explaining how concepts work to make sure you understand and remember things in the long run.
When my daughter was applying to a prestigious private school in our area, she was required to take the SSAT exam. When her first exam result came back, we weren't entirely satisfied, so we searched online and discovered Hack Your Course tutoring services. Over the course of just 10 lessons, the tutors here were amazingly able to increase the percentile of her exam by a considerable amount. Her overall percentile increased from 88 to 95, with the Math section of the exam going from a 82 to a 95 percentile and her Verbal percentile going from a 91 to a 99. The tutors for both English and Math were efficient, kind, very knowledgable, and professional. In addition, my daughter received helpful guidance in managing longer exams and being successful in them. She is currently still learning with Hack Your Course as a supplement to math in school and finding it very helpful, as her tutor for Pre-Calculus makes it easy for her to grasp new knowledge and do well academically even as the math becomes more challenging. She also finds the methods of teaching engaging and overall enjoys lessons. We are pleased with how much Hack Your Course has helped our daughter become a better student! Thank you Hack Your Course! If you need a tutoring service for your child, look no further.
I am more than happy to write a review for Peter helping me with IB Chemistry HL !His knowledge of the subject is truly remarkable, and he is able to convey complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. He is helping me to improve my grades in HL Chemistry and I hope to get improved grades in my IB final exam. His teaching style is interactive and engaging and he uses a variety of techniques to explain various concepts. Overall, I would highly recommend Peter for IB Chemistry HL to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, dedicated, and engaging tutor.I am delighted also to write a glowing review for my IB Biology tutor Sophia. Her expertise in the subject is exceptional and she has a thorough understanding of the curriculum. She is patient, supportive and always willing to provide extra help when needed. Thanks to Sophia's guidance, my understanding and performance in Biology have improved significantly helping me get very good predictive marks in IB Biology HL.
I've worked with several different tutoring services, but HYC is by far the best. Both my math tutor Bahareh and my chem tutor Peter have been invaluable in my journey as an IB student. They take time to rearrange their schedule to accommodate mine, and arrange our sessions to fit with my learning style and needs. In chemistry, I've struggled greatly with topics like hybridization and stoichiometry, and Peter has been able to explain them quickly and efficiently, improving my grades. In math with Bahareh, we plan our sessions together to optimize them and Bahareh assigns me questions for personal review that I'm able to complete for extra practice on my own time. I'm so grateful for their help and support, especially with the final DP examinations coming up. Thank you HYC!
Hack your course tutoring provide great service with each class follow up to ensure the tutoring quality. Our son is taking AP and IB and we find the tutor is very knowledgeable.
One of the finest coaching centres on north shore. The tutors are very hardworking and cater to IB and AP curriculum with depth and sincerity. Rob is my favourite teacher in English. He improved my son’s grammar and vocabulary.Masoud is a very disciplined, hardworking and have deep knowledge of all concepts related to Mathematics.I was looking for a French teacher for my kids and ended up benefiting from hack your course institute. Thank you for all the hardwork you have done to shape the future of my kids. Definitely recommend this institute for those looking for IB and AP tutors.
I have seen a massive improvement in my daughter's English Comprehension and essay-writing skills during the course of the past 1 year. Sarah is a brilliant English teacher and does the magic! The admin team at HYC are great too in accommodating any requests. I am very grateful to you all!
Both Masoud and the tutors are great! Masoud takes extra care to ensure that there is a good match between your child and the tutor. The tutors are all very intelligent and capable and are always well-prepared and teach the child on how to achieve success and don’t just give them the answers. Thank You HYC!
Amazing program!!! Fast to react, easy to contact tutors, perfect matches for both Chem SL and MATH AA SL for our daughter in IB (Int’l Bac.) Program. We first started with IB Chem, Micheal is great!!! Upbeat, motivating, knowledgeable, patient, polite and very giving with his time. In the crunch, for last minute help before a test for our daughter, he re-arranged his schedule to find extra time to make sure she was confident! We also decided to have HYC provide help for CHEM. We asked if Micheal could also help our daughter with CHEM. We were told each tutor specializes in one subject and they would find one that meets our daughter’s need for Math. They asked all about her progress, her needs, weaknesses and shortly after we had Zara! Another amazing tutor. Same experience! Always finds a spot to fit our daughter in her schedule. Helps her with difficult problems, provides great support and answered exactly the needs our daughter was lacking. Our daughter had a 5 in Math on her first test this year with a new teacher in grade 12 yet always had 6s the year before. She was disappointed and discouraged given this is the year for university application. On her second test with Zara she scored a 7!!! And reestablished her average. HYC is great! Flexible, easy to book, easy to use, great communication. Highly recommended. Tried others, (which cost more…) HYC is by far better!
I had a very good experience with this company . My daughter needed tutors for Math and chemistry . The tutors were supportive and experienced , always prepared for the sessions .With their help my daughter gained understanding and confidence in these subjects and improved her marks.
The HYC team gave us one of the best math tutor last year, so we are asking help from them this year again.
Received very quick response when desperately needed tutor. Was quickly matched up with two very good tutors who jumped right in to help.
Peter has been an amazing tutor for IB Chemistry HL. Without him, I would have greatly struggled with the course and not achieved the level of success that I have in the course. With his help in chemistry, I have been able to get acceptance into UBC Sciences as well as U of T Sciences. Peter has been an amazing tutor to work with, being friendly, funny, and knowledgeable. He answers any question I bring him with amazing explanations. Peter has been invaluable to my IB Chem HL, and I believe without him I would not have been able to pass the course.
Working with HYC they were a great help to my child working through pre-IB Math. The instructor they received was kind, courteous, patient and understanding. They connected with my child easily and I saw the results in improvement in their grades. our experience was great, and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking assistance.
I want to share our experience with HYC AP and IB Tutoring Service. We urgently needed Calculus tutoring for my son, and we found HYC quite late in the year. But that did not matter to them; they acted very quickly, introducing us to an excellent tutor who specialized in Calculus tutoring.The quality of the math tutoring we received was outstanding, making a significant difference in Arshia's performance. The tutor was very patient and knowledgeable, ensuring Arshia understood even Calculus's most complex parts. We were thrilled with the dedication and effort put into the tutoring sessions.Seeing the tremendous progress Arshia made in Calculus, we decided to continue using HYC's services at the university level. We have now engaged them for a few other subjects, including English tutoring, and we are equally impressed with their professionalism and quality of instruction.I highly recommend HYC AP and IB Tutoring Service to anyone looking for high-quality Calculus tutoring, math tutoring, or help in other subjects. They have proven to be a reliable and exceptional partner in education for our family. We are very thankful for their support and look forward to continuing our collaboration with them.
Excellent tutoring. Very happy with my son’s progress. Highly recommend the English tutor.
My son started Grade 12 Calculus lesson with Uko in the summer. Right after the first lesson, my son mentioned that he was very happy with Uko as his tutor. He taught very well and is detailed minded. He understood everything from the lesson. I look forward to the continuous support from Uko to my son in this critical year of his high school. Thanks Masoud as well who is always patient to entertain parents needs.
I have had an amazing experience with HYC. I'm an IB student and my tutors have definitely helped my improve in my courses. Specifically, in Biology, my tutor does past exams and we go over how to answer a question to get full marks on it. I am really glad I found HYC.
The math tutor for IB Math was excellent. Very organized and experienced. Explanations were clear and the tutor provided opportunities to practice the concepts. The virtual interface was seemless. The sessions were easy to set up. Highly recommend.
Without question Hack Your Course is the best tutor service company we have ever found. The quality of the teachers is of the best. The company is very fast to respond to our requests.
I have been working with HYC since Sept 2021. My son is in grade 12, IB.Super happy with the teachers as well as the support I received from Masoud and the team in different occasions. My son is normally not easy in connecting with tutors, and Masoud very well managed this challenge.Thanks for all the help.Naghmeh
I highly recommend the Hack Your Course AP & IB Tutoring Service. They are super professional and very responsive. They have a great network of tutors and take great interest and care in matching tutors to specific challenges within different study fields, levels and concepts. The reporting, oversight and feedback back to parents is superb too.
Hack Your Course AP& IB Tutoring has been a great resource for our daughter. She has benefitted from Grade 11 Chemistry IB tutoring with Kritika.The tutor has provided our daughter with excellent support and guidance as she navigates a rigorous course and she has met with great success.Thank you Kritika and Masoud
We are so very happy with Peter Legzdins for Arian's chemistry. He is very knowkagable and professional.We also had the opportunity to have couple of sessions for physics with James Smith. Although Arian decided to drop his physics but he really enjoyed his classes with James and we feel so bad that we didn't start his classes by the start of the term
I've had a fantastic experience as a parent working with HYC. The caliber of the tutors is amazing and the responsiveness of the company is wonderful. More importantly however is that my children are really engaged with their subjects and keen to learn (one having finished IB Chem tutoring and one just starting AP Math) To me, that speaks for itself.
We have been with this institute for two years now, and we are thrilled with the level of care we get from the tutors and the staff. They genuinely care and know their stuff, and our sons' scores have increased significantly in their IB math, chemistry and physics courses. They deserve this review! Thank you all
I have been very pleased with Hack Your Course Tutoring. They were recommended to me and our experience has been very good. The company is professional and my teenager both likes the tutor and seems to be learning. He complains that he has to go, but always has a smile of his face and is glad he went when I pick him up. He is developing confidence in Math through the tutoring.
Great service from the team at HYC and we have been working with the same tutor for 2 years who has been excellent and provided my daughter with the support and development she needs.
The most responsible tutoring agency that we ever met. The tutor is professional and tailors the course for the student. A report sent to parents very soon after each class facilitates the parent knowing the progress timely. Definitely recommend.
Hazel was a great French tutor. Very professional.
Our son and daughter have been and continue to use the services of hack your course. It has been a great experience and I would highly recommend their services to any IB students.
We had never hired a tutor for our son before but with a condensed term due to the pandemic he was a little more challenged in math than in the past. Our experience with both this company and the tutor assigned to us was excellent. I especially appreciated how quickly we were able to get started as well as the fact that we were not burdened with a long term contract. Will will definitely use them again if we need to. Thank you Masoud and tutor Bahram!
Wonderful tutors! Very efficient and professional.
Great tutors and very efficient service. Classes are organized and communication between tutors is quick and effective. Especially recommend for IB courses!
The tutors at this service greatly assisted me at achieving my academic goals; my tutors were thorough in teaching me new concepts, and communicated effectively when answering questions.
Good communication, if a tutor is incompatible, then the administrative staff is quick and efficient in changing the tutor.
Classes are well planned and organized. The sophisticated programs helped me to maximize my potential.
Masoud and his tutoring crew are very experienced and knowledgeable. Masoud is an incredible teacher and always supportive. He is always extremely prepared and his lesson plans are very clear and detailed. In a short time, my daughter's math grade has dramatically increased. Masound also taught my daughter chemistry, which was a difficult subject for her. Now, she achieves high marks and is quite passionate about the subject. We couldn't have done so well without him! We definitely plan to keep working HYC.I highly recommend Masoud if you are seeking a tutor for the sciences/standardized test prep. No matter what your previous study plan had been, Masoud knows how to get you on the right track!
HYC has been incredibly supportive and professional. As an administrator, I have been impressed with their values. We fundamentally believe that children should have unstructured time in their lives and the freedom to explore the many facets that make up their identities. If they spend too much time studying and tutoring, they often sacrifice habits that make a balanced, healthy life. HYC partners with families to find the balance between providing appropriate support and not recommending more than what is necessary to help a child reach their goals. An impressive company with excellent, responsible staff.
I used Hack Your Course for almost a year in Grade 12 and I can say that it was the best tutoring service I have ever used. Starting with the great communication skills that all the tutors have makes life very easy for everyone. Also it is apparent that the company pays each tutor much more than any other institute despite having low costs for parents and students. This only shows the owner Masoud's commitment to providing proper education over the making of money. In the last 5 years I have used more than 4 and none have been as resourceful as the tutors at Hack Your Course. In taking IB in Grade 11 my marks drooped from those in grade 10 and the tutoring company I was previously with was unable to help me raise them. I started with Hack Your Course in the summer going into Grade 12. Masoud's team of tutors all provide an excellent service and know the IB curriculum very well. They also have access to IB past materials allowing for further development in each subject. Not only this but the tutors were very friendly and helpful, even taking time out of their days to help me out over a Skype call. Despite the 2020 May exams being canceled due to Covid-19, I know for sure that the tutor would have gotten me at-least a score or two higher (about 20 to 40 percent higher) in each subject than I would have gotten with any other service.
I came across Hack Your Course IB Tutoring when looking for a tutor that could provide quality instruction specific to the IB Math curriculum. Given that Covid-19 has limited in-class school instruction for Vancouver public secondary students, it became clear that additional instruction would be necessary to ensure adequate understanding of complex concepts. I found Masoud to be friendly, knowledgeable and authentically committed to helping students maximize their learning potential. Masoud found a tutor for my son that has, to this point, surpassed my expectations. The communication has been fantastic and my son is feeling a great deal more confident having this additional support. I highly recommend.
I have been a student at HYC for around 2 years for my IB Mathematics AA HL course, and my tutor Aria Abrishamkar is genuinely the sole reason I have been so successful in math. I have recently taken the IB Math AA HL exams and felt so prepared and confident because of Aria's help. His teaching style makes really difficult concepts super simple to understand and he has an amazing ability to communicate and explain so effectively. Aria is a super dedicated tutor and always was happy to go back and help me understand and excel in every topic in the course. He has a really great understanding of the course material and of what IB generally asks on exams, so I would highly recommend Aria/HYC for anyone looking for tutoring.
My tutor Aria was really helpful! As an IB student, I was initially struggling with Math Hl, but he really helped me become more confident with the content. An amazing teacher and always flexible with scheduling.
So happy with the tutoring sessions my daughter had with Aria. He was motivating, easy to work with and extremely supportive and accommodating! His knowledge of math is incredible and he is able to explain it in a simple and straightforward manner!
At the start, my daughter ranked 2 out of 7 in both IB math and English. With Masoud's insightful guidance, I was able to locate an excellent tutor for her. After several months of tutorials, she achieved a score of 6 out of 7 in both subjects. The manager consistently monitored the students' academic progress. I highly recommend HYC!
I can confidently attest to the excellence of this tutoring service. The perfect management ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience from enrolment to sessions' completion. The high quality of instruction is evident in the impressive increase in my son's mathematic marks. What's even better is the fair pricing, making quality education accessible without breaking the bank. Undoubtedly, this is the best tutoring service I've encountered, delivering on every front with exceptional management, top-notch quality, academic improvement, and affordability. Highly recommended!
Our experience with HYC has been great from the start! Masoud has been very attentive and found a very good tutor for my daughter. Zara has been very helpful in explaining IB physics concepts and providing constructive feedback.
My son has been using Hack Your Course AP & IB Tutoring Service for over a year tutoring him 3 high school courses, he is very happy with the services and the results. The tutors are great, very knowledgeable on what they teach, and flexible for schedule change if need to.
Our daughter is a grade 10 student at an IB school, and wanted some help with her math and science courses. I found Hack Your Course via an internet search, and after reviewing their website, we decided to give them a try. We are so pleased to have Amy helping our daughter; they have developed a great working relationship and our daughter's confidence and grades have definitely improved. She used to have extreme exam anxiety, but now thanks to Amy she goes into exams prepared and confident, and it shows in her results. We are very happy - thank you HYC and Amy!
Wonderful and extremely effective teaching service! Really worth every penny in my opinion. Sarah is such a lovely English teacher! Her patience and teaching methodology is great! A five star from us 🙂
Thank you for all your help. Vahab was excellent. We thoroughly recommend him.
Good service and good teachers.
Usually It doesn’t happen to find a right tutor at the first time, so we need to go through a kind of ‘selection’ process. Regarding this, ‘HYC’ is excellent. They are really supportive to help me find right tutors for my child. I am currently very satisfied with the result and appreciate to it.
Perfect service, prompt response and scheduling of lesson. Tutor was very helpful also.
My son went from a 3 to 4 in IB Math and Physics HL in 11th grade to a projected 7 in 12th grade in both subjects by working very hard, and getting consistent tutoring 2x a week. He really enjoys and looks forward to his tutoring sessions and loves the confidence he has gained in both subjects. thanks!
We were looking for a math tutor for our son & a friend recommended Hack Your Course (HYC). We reached out to Masoud at HYC & after hearing about what our son's learning style & needs were, he set up with a perfect match. The tablet system that they use so that the tutor & student can see each other's work virtually worked really well for our son. We also get feedback after each session. They really have thought of everything.
We are very impressed with the quality of tutoring we have received. We have searched for a long time for good IB tutors in the lower mainland, and it has been a hard struggle. They have always been very quick to respond and we have been very happy with the quality of the tutors and service. Would recommend to everyone.
We have been very pleased with the high quality of the overall service and my daughter has bonded with her excellent math/science tutor Melika. Her tutor has given my daughter confidence and skills. I also appreciate the flexible nature of our relationship.
I was trying to find a good IB math tutor for my daughter , there were many tutors but it was hard to find a good one who has experience of IB and it’s requirements. Then I found hack your course and thought will give it a try . I’m so glad I called masoud, he helped me find the perfect tutor for my daughter according to her learning styles . Marzi goes out of the way to teach and is a very dedicated tutor . She understands all the IB requirements. My daughter has improved in maths . I have nothing but good things to say about Marzi and highly recommend her .
3 sessions in with Aryan and my son, who isn’t great at math and doesn’t really like working on it is “enjoying” his tutoring sessions and learning the concepts. In his words “I can understand Aryan and one-on-one online sessions are way better than in a class”.
Hack Your Course tutored me for my SAT preparation, and they did so amazingly. They helped boost my score from a 1280 to a 1560, something that I never imagined I could accomplish. The tutors are all experts in their fields and amazing teachers; I now use their tutors for other things as well, such as my Calculus course and writing university applications. I would highly recommend Hack Your Course for ANY sort academic help! They will be able to support you.
My son needed a tutor for precalc 11.We were referred by a friend to this company. A tutor by the name of Aria called us that same week. He has tutored my son for the last five months. He has been prompt, patient, accurate, incredibly calm and an absolutely excellent teacher for my son . It requires much more then education to teach kids. It requires a serious talent and a very special personality . This company takes the time to match the teacher and student . I highly recommend Aria and this wonderful company who prides them self in putting kids and learning first and foremost .We have had great continuous success with this company and are thrilled to refer them on .Gina Ayrton
This is by far the best IB tutoring service you can get in the whole of Vancouver. We joined Hack Your Course for math, English and chemistry IB online tutoring, and they gave us the best work possible. Our previous tutors used to have old and ineffective online methods, but Things changed completely with Hack Your Course.Their tutors are very well familiar with IB courses, and the management always checks on their work quality. Their dedication is exemplary. Thank you all!
We have been using HYC for more than three years now, and we have not seen the slightest decrease in their work quality. It is worth every penny of it. I first used their math and English tutoring service for my daughter, and her score increased extremely. Then introduced them to my nephews for IB math and chemistry tutoring and that was done online. The quality of their work was excellent with IB and their scores soared!They deserve this review and wish all the tutors and Masoud good luck.
My daughter needed some support with concepts in physics 11. Her tutor was amazing at walking her through the questions and supporting her with her test preparation. My daughter finished the course with an “A” and a greater understanding of the course material.
Peter was an amazing tutor. He was always prepared with the needed worksheets and documents and even introduced useful additional sources. Our classes were very interesting, and Peter explained each question very well with good detail. He had very good knowledge on each topic, and always had an answer to every question. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, and I ended my year with the course grade I had aimed fo
We have nothing but great things to say about Peter L. (Chemistry tutor) - he has been an enormous help assisting our child through her challenging Chem 12 course. He is extremely knowledgeable, pleasant and patient, and we would highly recommend him to others. Thanks Peter and Hack Your Course!
We are very happy with the tutors of Hack your Course. Since online schooling is happening we hired a Math and English tutor for our son. Since then he has learned a lot and improved his Math and English He noticed it himself too and that keeps him motivated.
I am very pleased with the quality of tutors working at Hack Your Course. They have helped my daughter in Calculus 12 and IB Chemistry 12 this year. The manager Masoud responds very quickly to any inquiries or issues you may have. They take a keen interest in your son or daughter's school work and how they do. I highly recommend them.
Originaires de France et récemment installés à West Vancouver, nous avons dû avoir recours en urgence aux services de tutorat de Hack Your Course pour notre fille en Grade 11 qui rencontrait de très grandes difficultés en Sciences et Mathématiques, matières enseignées en anglais de surcroît. Nous avons trouvé HYC en faisant des recherches sur internet et avons rencontré Masoud lequel a été de très bons conseils sur la stratégie à adopter pour aider notre fille à rattraper son retard le plus rapidement possible. Les cours intensifs ont porté leurs fruits en l'espace de deux mois. Masoud a été très réactif, attentif et à l'écoute des besoins de notre fille. Il a su trouver les bons tuteurs avec lesquels notre fille se sentirait à l'aise pour travailler et se remotiver. Yasi est notamment sa tutrice en Mathématiques et Chimie. Cette dernière a fait un travail extraordinaire avec notre fille. Elle a réussi à lui redonner confiance et a lui inculquer une méthode de travail et de raisonnement scientifique efficace, ce qui a eu pour résultat de booster les notes de notre fille. Yasi a fait un travail remarquable et n'a jamais douté de la capacité de notre fille à réussir. Les qualifications de Yasi, son optimisme et sa patience ont radicalement fait la différence. Je recommande vivement HYC et remercie sincèrement toute l'équipe du précieux soutien qu'ils ont apporté à notre famille.
I found Masoud and Hack Your Course Tutoring through online search a few weeks before the test. During that time, I've talked to quite a few local SSAT/SAT/ACT tutoring companies and didn't feel they are the one that I was looking for. My score jumped up to 90+ percentile right after the tutoring. Among all the companies, Hack Your Course Tutoring is the most professional and effective tutoring you could ever ask for. On top, they don't charge beforehand. Masoud and Rob are totally reliable and trustworthy. I would definitely go for their tutoring again. Some additional information, Masoud was a former Duke acceptee. Both Masoud and Rob are gifted teachers. Thank you!
We found Hack Your Score on Google.The tutors were excellent, and I really benefited a lot from coming here. Masoud and Rob were both great teachers. I only attended ten sessions but my percentile jumped more than 10%. The teachers were patient and very professional. I was really lucky to have found them online. I would recommend Hack Your Course to anyone.
Fantastic tutors, great with IB, study skills, building confidence and keeping learning fun!
This was a very positive experience for myself & my daughter ! I highly recommend this company for extra help that’s needed.Thank you so much !Dahlia& Dom ❤️
My son is in grade 7 and wants to apply the private schools, we know there are a lot of competitions so we decided to find good tutors to help his SSAT. We’ve talked to other two academies but honestly we felt not that good, “too much stress” as my son said. Then we found Mr.Masoud of “Hack your course”, he was very gentle, honest and seems professional, then we decided to try with him. A few days later my son did a exam and his percentile is about 40-45%, Mr. Masoud suggested us to book 1 class for Math and 2 classes for English every week (1.5 hours per class). During the past 2 months, besides we can get report right after each class completed, we also have had very good communications with Mr. Masoud, the most important thing is, my son does not feel that much pressure, he actually enjoys studying with Mr.Masoud and Sam.I just got the score of SSAT exam which my son took on Nov 16, the percentile is 85% which is much better than our expectation, we are proud of the progress he made, also we’d like to express our gratitude to Mr. Masoud and Sam, you guys really help my son a lot!
Great service, even for more advanced subjects and grades. Very reliable.
Mehrad is really great! He makes sure that his students understand everything. He is really nice and very good at math and science explaining.
We had the best experience with this tutoring agency my daughter had daily sessions with other tutors and she was still struggling with her exams until we were introduced to them l was not optimistic because of the experience we had with other tutors and we had less than two weeks to catch up but Mr Masoud assured me that they are not any thing like other tutors and I know now that he was right.my daughter’s tutor Joanne took the matter both professionally and personally it didn’t matter how long it took but she made sure that every thing was in perfect order when she left l appreciate their efforts very much and absolutely recommend them to anyone that is struggling with their children’s studies Because I have witnessed the results and I also know that for them it’s not just about business its personal thank you very much for helping my daughter
Very professional and helpful tutoring! I am so grateful to have found help from Masoud, and everything was so clear and well explained, and he were also super understanding and kind! My grades significantly improved and I definitely will continue learning with them!
After trying numerous tutoring companies we finally landed on Hack Your Course for our son's math IB and our daughter's chemistry AP courses. The admin understood our frustration and swiftly matched us with some tutors that stayed with us all through this school year also. Tutors are kind and knowledgable and they alongside management genuinely care about the quality of work. I will not hesitate to introduce people to HYC. Thank you
Sophia was amazing! So patient, kind and knowledgeable in everything IB Bio related. She is the best tutor!


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