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What does International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme Intend to Accomplish?

The international IB programmes encourage both personal and academic achievement by challenging students to excel in their studies and in their personal development. They have been developed with the goal of bringing up internationally minded youth to “help create a better and more peaceful world”. 

The International Baccalaureate (IB) programme intends to accomplish a broad and balanced education that helps students become independent, critical, and creative thinkers. The program aims to develop intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills to live, learn, and work in a rapidly globalizing world. The IB also seeks to foster a sense of international-mindedness and a lifelong love of learning in students. It encourages students to become active, compassionate, and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right. Ultimately, the IB programme aims to provide students with a challenging educational experience that will prepare them for success in higher education and beyond.

What Are The Different Levels Of IB Programme?

IB offers four programmes including the Primary Years Programme (ages 3–12), the Middle Years Programme (ages 11–16), the Diploma Programme (ages 16–19) and the Career-related Programme (ages 16–19).  The number of IB Diploma Programme (DP) students has grown over the years from 749 in 1971 to 1,250,000 students in 2016, and there are now more than 4000 authorized IB schools all over the world.
964 schools offer the IB Diploma programme in the United States. Twenty-four schools in Washington offer the IB Diploma programme, with only one school (Annie Wright Schools) that provides all PYP/MYP and DP programmes. One hundred thirteen schools in California offer the IB Diploma programme, with only one school (Silicon Valley International School) offering all PYP/MYP and DP programmes. Forty of these schools are in British Columbia where 33 of them offer the Diploma programme, including Mulgrave The International School of VancouverStratford HallSir Winston Churchill Secondary SchoolAlexander AcademySt. John’s School and more. Eighty-nine are in Ontario, including Alexander Mackenzie High School and Branksome Hall, the York School in Toronto, Eastside Secondary School in Ontario, St John’s – Kilmarnock School in Waterloo and more. 

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What Are The Benefits Of IB?

Among other things, IB learners strive to be thinkers, inquirers and risk-takers who are principled, open-minded, balanced, and knowledgeable—these are among 10 attributes that constitute the IB Learner Profile, which underpins all 4 IB programmes. As a result, students in IB schools are usually more reflective and typically better than regular students in communication, research, and organizational skills. The IB programmes help students to develop their autonomy, ability to think independently, and capacity to draw their own conclusions from available data. In other words, IB students do not simply memorize and recite facts—they question and apply them. Consequently, the IB Diploma is internationally recognized as one of the highest standards in university preparatory education, and graduates of the programme are admitted to leading universities around the world.
IB students are not only challenged by harder course material but are also required to satisfy a high level of communication in both their scientific and humanities courses. The way the students need to complete their assignments/exams and write their projects/essays (IAs & EE) are one of the most common challenges students encounter in the programme.
With our high-quality resources and exceptional tutors, we are ready to guide every IB student through every step of the programme and lead them to success. Our specially trained IB tutors at Hack Your Course are ready to help students overcome these challenges and reach the level of detail required by the programme.

How Can HYC Help IB Students?

Tutors at Hack Your Course AP and IB Tutoring Service are either certified IB teachers or first-rate former IB students who are currently exemplary university students or have a Master’s or a Doctoral degree in the subject they are teaching. Moreover, they all possess the most up-to-date educational materials provided by IB and strictly follow the programme’s curriculum, goals, and assessment criteria. They also use the content provided and mandated by Hack Your Course as they prepare students for Internal Assessments, the Extended Essay, the ToK Exhibition and Essay, and all final examinations in each subject.

The success of the HYC method of tutoring IB students is manifested by how well diploma graduates adapt to and perform during their subsequent university studies. Our online tutoring platform and our strict quality control system make sure that students get the quality tutoring they deserve.


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