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Math is regarded as an essential skill, and it is one of the hardest to teach. The skills acquired in math are necessary for success in other sciences, including chemistry, physics, and even biology. As a result, it is one of the most asked for subjects.​
Things get even more complicated when it comes to IB Math (SL/HL) and AP Calculus. IB tutors need to be familiar with the course and the inner workings of internal assessment and the extended essay. In addition, IA is mandatory for every subject, and quite a few students choose math as their EE subject. AP tutors also need to have a breadth of knowledge to tackle all the university-level subjects covered in AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC.


Teaching and tutoring math classes and keeping them interesting and fun is not a trivial task. Our math tutors in Vancouver, Toronto, and Canada are equipped with the knowledge and enough experience to handle students from PYP to DP in online and in-home tutoring settings. Moreover, they make it fun to learn, especially with our younger learners. Our tutors know that there is a significant difference between teaching a grade 7 and a grade 12. Our math tutors are experts in breaking down tough questions and math problems into simple steps. They also relate math problems to real-life situations to make it fun and exciting to learn. Online math tutoring can be challenging, but Hack Your Course AP and IB Tutoring Service makes sure that the quality of online tutoring is at least as outstanding as our in-person and in-home tutoring service. Hack Your Course has its online tutoring platform, and it provides all the software and hardware and the necessary training so the tutors can deliver the quality of work our clients deserve. ​

Hack Your Course is The premium IB & AP institute operates only in The States and Canada with specially trained IB/AP tutors. Tutors at Hack Your Course AP and IB Tutoring Service (HYC) are either certified IB and AP teachers or currently exemplary university students or have a Master’s or a Doctoral degree in the subject being taught. We accept fewer than 5% of the applicants. That is just the first part of the story; moreover, They all possess the requisite educational materials, closely follow the curriculum and goals specified by IB and AP, and use the material provided and mandated by Hack Your Course IB and AP Tutoring Service. They also prepare the students for all parts of the final examination in each subject by thoroughly reviewing the subject matter and employing previous examinations as practice exercises provided by Hack Your Course. We know what we are doing with hundreds of happy IB & AP students from the US and Canada! We have the winning combination! 

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Most of the students have weaknesses in math from lower grades, such that if tutors are not experienced and dedicated enough, they won’t be able to spot them. However, our math tutors from Vancouver, Toronto, and Canada can easily detect them. With ample references that they always have on hand, they can start working on those shortcomings right away.​ HYC has been dealing with IB and AP students from its inception and is the premier AP and IB Tutoring Service of Canada. The majority of our students are IB Math students from schools like Mulgrave, The York School, Stratford Hall, and dozens of others.


  • Math DP SL and math DP HL tutoring
  • Math tutoring for PYP students
  • Math tutoring for MYP students including extended MYP 5
  • Math & pre-calculus tutoring for grades from 10 to 12
  • Calculus Tutoring for AP (AB/BC) 
  • SAT, SSAT and ACT Math tutoring


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